Pureland Association Info

The Pureland Association was formed in 1973 and in that same year the Declaration of Environmental Standards and the Declaration of Reciprocal Easements were recorded in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

The purpose of the Pureland Association as exemplified by the Declarations is

….to insure its development on an ecology planned and pollution controlled complex of heavy, medium, and light industry.

By implementation of these Declarations the value of each developed parcel is maintained and enhanced.  Since 1973 many State and Federal Environmental laws have been passed which in toto are generally more restrictive than the 40 year old Pureland Declaratives.

In addition to the forgoing, there are 10 foot easements areas around each property line (20 feet effective at contiguous parcels) which enables any property owner to access any other property owner and transfer product for a use or source for the second owners’ product.  For example one owner can manufacture cocoa powder and pneumatically move it to another owner to make a confection.

On a day to day operation, the Pureland Association maintains common areas, landscaping, biweekly litter pickup, coordinates with local authorities (police, fire, ambulance and administration) on services.

Meetings are held several times a year and officers are elected to make sure the standards are followed and the property values maintained.

In summary, The Pureland Association is similar to a homeowners association protecting the rights of all and servicing the common good.

Declaration of Environmental Standards and Declaration of Reciprocal Easements